Located in Allen, Texas, RODI Computer Service is the computer repair shop that companies like Geek Squad refer their customers when they can’t fix your computer. 

RODI Computer Service specializes in component level repairs on all makes and models of laptop and desktop computers including:

  • Laptop Computer Repairs
  • PC & Mac Repairs
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Microsoft Windows Upgrades
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Transfer
  • Laptop Computer Screen Repair
  • Custom Built Laptop and Desktop Computers
  • Laptop & Desktop Computer Sales

Computers are complex and when things go wrong they can become beasts. RODI is adept at quickly figuring out computer problems, and in many cases fixing them right on the spot. In cases where hardware has broken down, RODI can determine your best options for getting the system back up and running, and provide replacement parts. In the process of troubleshooting, it can also make sense to upgrade at the same time, to improve performance, storage capacity or functionality.

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PC Repair

In addition to offering hardware diagnostics, repair and component replacement services to both private individuals and businesses we can also help with:

  • Windows errors, corruption and other software problems
  • Virus / Spyware removal and prevention
  • Retrieving your files from Windows User Accounts
  • Data-recovery
  • ‘Cloning’ data from one hard-drive to another
  • Capacitor replacement on motherboards
  • Laptop repairs including DC Power Sockets, Cracked Screens, etc.
  • and much more

Laptop Repairs & Upgrade

Generally hardware related problems on laptops cost more to repair since more labor and skill is involved, and parts are more difficult to obtain in comparison to those for desktop PC’s. However, depending on the problem, the repair could be much less than you have been told. At RODI Computer Service we are able to perform circuit board repair which may eliminate the need for a replacement part.

Data Recovery Services

We all make mistakes and computer components do go wrong sometimes.

It always seems to happen at the wrong time and when we don’t have a recent backup!

We offer a variety of Data Recovery Services for Hard-Disk Drives, CD’s, DVD’s, Floppy Disks and USB Pen Drives.

PC Installation

Just got a new PC? Need some help setting it up?
It doesn’t matter where you bought your PC – give us a call and we’ll help with connecting it all up, getting you online and (if necessary) transferring all of your files and settings from the old computer.

Hardware Upgrades

Whether it’s a major motherboard and processor change or just a quick memory upgrade, look no further. We can help advise on what and where to purchase as well as fitting and testing your new hardware.



What Our Customers Have To Say

Parijat Roy
Parijat Roy

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

Well this guy is genius. It's not a repair center, it's rather a re-engineering house. You don't get spare parts of your laptop, Rodi will engineer the broken parts and make it much better than original. And interesting fact is he will do it in front of you. Keep going Rodi. I wish you all the best.

Lynn Wesley
Lynn Wesley

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

I don't usually give reviews, but my husband and I met Rodi at his shop today to bring in our old HP and Compaq computer hard drives that I've been holding onto because I had forgotten what I had stored on them. Rodi was so kind and gracious to allow us to hook them up on his monitor (without charge) to see if I had anything still stored on them. I had donated my old monitor as parts when I was moving, and forgot about my old hard drives.
We were so impressed with his professionalism and helpfulness. When we we're leaving he was so kind to help us carry one of the computers back to our car. We're new in the Allen area and we're so glad to have found his shop for any future computer needs with our other All-In-One HP computer we have.
Please call him or stop by just like we did and I'm sure you will be impressed with his service. Thanks Rodi!

Amber Pizano
Amber Pizano

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I've used Rodi's Computer Service several times over the last ~2 years and every time they've been phenomenal. They have a quick turn around time, they're great at communicating, and their pricing is fair. Every time I get my computer back running better than ever. I recently had my laptop out in a rain storm and I thought it'd be a goner for sure. But nope, Rodi was able to fix it in less than 3 days! I can't recommend them enough for consistently professional and superb service.

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